Due to Covid we are not doing our fall chocolate production as we are not doing the Christmas craft fairs this season. We are very sad for this new reality and apologize for the lack Tickleberry tradition this year.


The amazingly delicious original Tickleberry – a tart blueberry in a thick coat of milk chocolate… Yum!

And when our original product became so popular we just had to try out some new ideas, so now we can offer cherries in milk chocolate (and for a special treat, cherries in rich dark chocolate), apricots in milk chocolate, and our special taste for early summer, strawberries in dark chocolate.

For an intriguing contrast in flavors how about cranberries in white chocolate with just a hint of orange? Or our special cranberries in decadent dark chocolate, or our brand new real raspberries in dark chocolate.

You can come on in and try them for yourself since we do provide free samples in our gift shop (really this is a trick on our part since these chocolates simply sell themselves.) You’ll see!

If you can’t come in to visit us, you’ll find these little treasures on our on-line order page.


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